5 Perks Which Small Business Can Offer to Boost Employee Engagement

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5 Perks Which Small Business Can Offer to Boost Employee Engagement

Based on the Gallup survey, companies with high employee engagement rates have an increased production rate of 20% as well as 21% profit increase.

For small businesses, an effort to boost employee engagement is too costly as it often does not have the big HR teams and budgets that larger corporations do. But, actually there are many low-cost ways for small businesses to increase employee engagement, and with it, foster a happy and healthy work environment.

  1. Comfortable workspace

Creating comfortable workspace is a must in boosting productivity and satisfaction. Coffee machine and supplies, good chairs, comfortable AC temperature level are few of things employees need to keep them feels comfortable and focus in a longer period.

  1. Freedom in the office

Sitting behind the desk for several consecutive hours can cause back pain, migraines, and dangerous blood clot. It’s a good idea to provide a laptop for your employees. It would let the employees freely move to spots or rooms where they can concentrate better and stretch their legs throughout the day.

  1. Take a half day and hang out

Take at least once in a month to hang out together. Friday is known to be the least productive day of the week. Taking a half day and getting the team together for an outdoor even can encourage their productivity. This can be anything from a picnic in the park, playing football, to relaxing barbeque.

  1. Training and mentorship

Once onboarding is complete, that should not mark the end of learning. Employees who are consistently challenged are more engaged. Communicate with employees and find out who their mentors are. Connect the employees with other mentors you know to help them grow. This way can help the employees to build solid work experience, grow their skills, network, and careers.

  1. Ask for feedback

Make it clear that you care and want all feedback from your employees. Don’t just listen, but actually do something about it. Let the team know that you are changing or implementing based on the feedbacks. The smaller the company is, the fewer decision makers there are. In order to act in the majority’s best interest, bring your employees’ voices in to help make decisions. Knowing that they are heard and respected provides huge incentive to stay.



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