4 Steps To Build Better Employee Engagement

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4 Steps To Build Better Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the key to a company’s success. The better the employee engagement is, the better the productivity. However, if employees of a company are easy to be employed but also resigned easily (high turnover rate), it will disrupt the performance of the company. Here are some things the company can do to foster its employee engagement.


1. Shared activity

Have a joint activity, for example an outing, dinner together, or a barbeque. This kind of activity cultivates togetherness. Some studies show that the stronger the friendship in the workplace, the less the employee wants to move to another workplace. Maybe there will be employees who often do not participate in office activities outside the work. These employees are those who need to be interviewed to find out what their dissatisfaction are and what needs to be fixed by the office.


2. Suggestion Box

It does seem old-fashioned, but the suggestion box already tested for its efficacy. Small companies with limited funds can implement it. Measuring employee satisfaction and loyalty can be began by asking for employees’ inputs, of course with confidentiality, so that they can provide honest feedback. HR can then check the suggestion box once a week and notify employees that there will be changes according to the input. Make sure employees know that suggestion boxes are held for feedback in the form of complaints and ideas that can make a difference for the work environment.


3. Performance review

For both managers and employees, performance reviews are exhausting. However, it is important to analyze what employees do. Employees who have a high performance level can be a sign that he was engaged with the company to have a sense of satisfaction and high loyalty level and vice versa. A good manager will take the time during a one-on-one review to understand what the roots that caused the loss in performance are.


4. Voice of Employee (VoE) Survey

The Voice of Employee (VoE) survey or employee voice is an anonymous and in-depth survey used to measure employee engagement. The survey was designed to gain insight into employee motivation and loyalty levels. This survey can also be used to find out about employee feedback regarding leadership, team, and how they are managed. Surveys of this kind can be made with the free surveyor tools available on the Internet. Incentivize the number of employees who first completed the survey and provide survey deadlines for all employees.



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