When Do Your Employees Urgently Need Training? Here Are the 5 Signs


When Do Your Employees Urgently Need Training? Here Are the 5 Signs

Employee training is an unavoidable task in a company. New employee’s induction, a standardization renewal, learning of how to use a new photocopier, and others stuff all requires training. Unfortunately, instead of considering the training as a need, there are still many companies who consider training as a compliment.

What are the benefits of training?

– Improve employee performance

– Increase employee engagement

– Improve and develop employee retention

– Address internal issue of the company

– Increase customer satisfaction


Obtained benefits should be commensurate with the cost incurred. Say the company invests 20 million rupiah through the training, then the obtained benefits, intangible or tangible or both, should be worth the investment.


Then, when do the companies need to train their employees?

1. When employees need to acquire new skills

New equipment, new policies, new compliance regulation, are common reasons for the employees to upgrade their skills.


2.When employees do not have basic skills or do not know how to apply their knowledge

This scenario applies to employees who have no basis in using a program or a machine to do their works. Or it could be that employees have the skills and knowledge but do not know how to apply them.


3. When companies find a skill gap among the workforces

Often companies are recruiting externally to address skill gap issue. Talented employees who have worked long enough can be trained for certain positions. The advantage is companies do not need to spend time and cost for the employee to learn about the company’s policies and culture as they do to a new employee.


4. When the companies need to provide specialized customer support

There are times when companies get new product requests and special services from their customers. That is the time where companies needed to provide a better service. Automatically, companies need to train their employees for it.


5. When the companies must raise the employee performance benchmarks

Changes of the global market, increasing customer demands, and new technology force the company to measure their employee’s performance for a certain position. In order for employees to meet the new benchmarks, companies need to bridge them to obtain new skills and knowledge.








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