5 Benefits of Online Verification on Education Certificates For Company


5 Benefits of Online Verification on Education Certificates For Company

The trade of fake education certificates is not new in Indonesia. The latest case involved a South Tangerang legislature who allegedly attached a fake diploma. The manufacture and circulation of the fake certificates increasingly sophisticated as technology advances. If someone falsifies the certificate, his/her integrity should be in question. Someone who made it through the process of recruitment with a fake certificate is very likely to cause problems for the company in the future.

Therefore verifying candidate qualifications, one of which is the education certificate, becomes a crucial stage in the recruitment process. To check the authenticity of a diploma often takes time and effort with ends that are not necessarily obtained and potentially inaccurate – through phone calls to certain institutions, fax, email alumni, and so on. Imagine if a company is flooded with up to hundreds of job applications every month, how much time is spent just for verification only while there are many other things that can be done by a recruitment specialist such as prospective employee interviews.

There is now a new verification method, an automated education degree verification through an online platform, which recruiters can request the verification of candidates’ certificates.

What are the benefits of online education verification?

  1. Candidates may be graduates from universities in all corners of Indonesia and abroad. Education verification covers a global scale. Recruiters can focus more on the main task of interviewing candidates to meet existing needs without spending much time searching the website/ phone/fax information of the intended agency.
  2. It saves recruitment fees due to the bad hire
  3. Security of information because the platform is encrypted.
  4. 24 hours online and automated services so that users can get verification results with clear deadlines (TAT)
  5. The difference in time zones and checking times to related institutions may become obstacles. Thus, the online verification is the best solution.

With education verification, the process of qualification check saves a lot of time, effort and costs with more accurate results and clear deadlines.



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