Freelancers Are Booming, These Are 3 Main Points in Conducting Background Checking

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Freelancers Are Booming, These Are 3 Main Points in Conducting Background Checking

‘Gig economy’, a term that has recently become a trend in the world of workforce refers to the rise of online freelancers who are ready to work whenever needed. Before we are used to the permanent, stable, and 9 hours of work, but in this digital era, “gig” becomes the new norm.

In Indonesia, gig economy has started to grow. However, the growth is still focused on the transportation industry, especially ride-sharing such as Go-Jek and Grab.

The change in labor market trends has an impact on how companies recruit workers. Of course, the process of recruiting freelance and permanent labor is different.

The recruitment process of freelancers tends to be shorter and less complex than permanent workers. Therefore, companies tend to pass the screening and background check stages. In fact, the risk of hiring freelancers is greater than the permanent ones because companies cannot control and supervise them directly.

Reported by Forbes that by 2030, millennials are no longer feel at home by working with the 9 to 5 model as it is today. In other words, the availability of freelancers will increase and they will become the norm. The company inevitably needs to do background checks before recruiting them.

There are three points in conducting background checking in the ‘gig economy’:

  1. The time period between the recruitment of casual workers and the commencement of work is shorter than the recruitment of permanent workers. Background checking needs to be done quickly. Therefore, the Company needs to choose a screening partner that can be trusted to deliver results in a short time.
  2. Companies need to be consistent in applying the same background checking level to permanent employee candidates for the same position to permanent employees.
  3. The company needs to apply the sanctions rules consistently to freelancers such as permanent employees if they find violations.






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