Streamlining Recruitment Processes; This Robot Helps Companies Recognize Skillful Candidates

Streamlining Recruitment Processes; This Robot Helps Companies Recognize Skillful Candidates

Artificial intelligent (AI) will change the way companies recruit employees. For example, startup Triplebyte has implemented automation to help companies recruit employees who own programming skills suitable for the companies’ needs.

Nowadays, many companies have started to use robots to speed up the process and allow recruitment managers to do more complex tasks. Triplebyte, a San Fransisco-based startup, use the different method of hiring employees, which is “ignoring resume”.

Triplebyte uses artificial intelligence program called “background-blind” to test the candidates. In essence, the aspect that first assessed is their programming skills. According to Triplebyte CEO, Harj Taggar, the candidates might not get their qualified skills from formal education and using resumes and credentials in initial screening potentially leads companies to miss them.

This artificial intelligence program consists of two stages: a quiz and programming skills test. Candidates are required to solve problems with their skills. This artificial intelligence-based program opens equal employment opportunities for candidates with programming skill, regardless of their resumes, gender, race, and religions. For example, someone who has self-taught programming skills can have the same opportunity to test and interview with those who use this skill formally.

Candidates who pass the skills test will advance to the next stage which is called “matching process”. This process helps companies find suitable candidates efficiently based on their needs. Meanwhile, candidates will only conduct interviews with a handful of companies who are excited and value their skills.

Of course, checking the background is important. The process is the full responsibility of companies. This robot increases efficiency and lowers the risks for the companies. For candidates, it increases the chances of finding the right companies that match with their skills. Now giant technology companies like Apple, Google, DropBox, and others use Triplebyte services to find talents.






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