How Criminal and Litigation Checks Benefit Companies

criminal and litigation check

How Criminal and Litigation Checks Benefit Companies

Employees are a valuable asset for every company. Thus, some checks are needed in the employee recruitment process to avoid bad hires and minimize the risk. Some of the checks are criminal check and litigation check.

Criminal check is a check on the candidates’ criminal histories or records in the police station based on the candidate’s domicile or registered address. Meanwhile, a Litigation Check is a check on the candidate’s criminal history, whether they have ever involved as a defendant or plaintiff in a district court based on the candidate’s registered address and domicile.

What do the criminal and litigation checks tell the employers?

There are times when an interview and a serial of pre-employment checks do not reveal the candidates’ criminal tendencies. The checks can reveal any false information contained in candidates’ CVs or resumes and tell if the candidates have tendency to do criminal act. Primarily, if the position offered is tightly related to access to sensitive information or company’s funds, running the checks is absolutely needed.

One of the cases we had once encountered was a case where a candidate attached a Police Clearance Report, which after being checked, turned out to be a false one – the expire date was forged. After running the further check, we unearth another unfavorable fact that the candidate was once arrested for attempting molestation.

Criminal and litigation checks ensure that only honest legitimate candidates with no criminal background or any litigation cases will have the chance to get hired. It is imperative for employers to invest more in running these checks otherwise there is a chance for a great loss in the future.

The criminal and litigation checks combined with other kinds of checks provide companies the comprehensive candidates’ background information. The more information that the company obtained, the less of the risk exposure.

For further information about criminal and litigation as well as other kinds of checks related to pre-employment screening, you can contact us or visit our booth at HR Expo on December 12-13 2018 in JCC, Jakarta.






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