4 Hiring Trends To Watch In 2019

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4 Hiring Trends To Watch In 2019

As the business world is reshaped constantly by the unprecedented market forces, implementing market-tailored hiring strategy is critical. Following the trend will help employers crafting the right hiring strategy. Over the next year, these trends require you to change your old hiring strategy.

1. Background screening on freelancer

‘Gig economy’, a term that has recently become a trend in the world of workforce refers to the rise of online freelancers who are ready to work whenever needed. Who are the freelancers? It could be writers, marketers, graphic designers, or drivers meeting customers from ride-sharing apps. In Indonesia, the ‘gig economy’ has started since the booming of ride-sharing apps, such as GoJek and Grab.

In 2019, the existence of the freelancers becomes more prevalent and changes the market labour. As the potential risks move from 9-5 workers to the ‘gig economy’ workers, more and more employers realize the importance of running background screening on the freelancers. Therefore, the background screening on freelancers becomes the new norm.

2. HR technology

HR technology will keep being developed as an increase in HR market demand. Basically, the HR technology shortens the recruitment process. The recruitment process from starting to search for and filter potential candidates that had been done manually began to switch using online platforms or automation software. By using the technology, recruiters do not need to waste time on recruitment routine. That way the recruitment process minimizes the risk of companies losing the best candidates because of the long recruitment process.

3. Post-employment screening

Pre-employment screening becomes more prevalent. Being aware of the ever-increasing risk in the digital era, more and more companies are not only implementing pre-employment screening but are also implementing post-employment screening.

The risks are not removed just because the employees have passed the pre-employment screening and worked. It is possible for employees we trust to do adverse things beyond our expectations, especially this era of sophisticated digital technology like today. To mitigate any potential risk, the company will begin to realize the importance of post-employment screening, which is usually carried out every two, three, or five years depending on company policy.

4. Social media

The trend of employee recruitment through social media has actually started since 2017 and is expected to continue in 2019 when more millennials enter the workforce. One of the millennial characteristic is technology savvy. They have grown up with social media and use it to interact, express themselves and even look for a potential job vacancy. Therefore, social media will continue becoming a great tool to build your talent pool in 2019.



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