Know These 3 Criteria Before Choosing The Mystery Shopping Vendor

Mystery Shopping

Know These 3 Criteria Before Choosing The Mystery Shopping Vendor

Mystery shopping is one of the market research methods to measure the brand experience of the consumer base. This research requires individuals under the disguise of potential buyers (mystery shoppers). It allows companies to have an objective insight as a basis to improve their businesses.

What do the mystery shoppers observe and assess? It depends on the character of what the company wants to know and assess, as it can be the skills of employees in serving, tidiness, and cleanliness of the store, the skills of employees in selling, product quality, and others.

There are many providers that offer mystery shopping services on the market. Choosing the right provider for your business is a challenge. Here are the three criteria that you need to look for in such a provider:

1. Experience in providing the service

Ask their experiences is in providing the services to the companies in a similar industry to your business.

2. Methodology and reports

Choose the provider that offers a methodology that can be tailored to your business needs. Not only the methodology, but it is also important to know how they present and submit reports. Select service providers who are committed to providing comprehensive reports in which include analysis results, supporting evidence, and recommendations for remediation.

3. How do they select mystery shoppers

Your business needs to ensure that service providers are able to provide mystery shoppers that are suitable for your needs. Say there are times when mystery shoppers need to interact longer with the salespeople to find out specific details regarding the behavior of the employees in serving customers. Details of such assignments require certain characters and skills from the mystery shoppers.

Integrity has experience in serving mystery shopping to various clients. Our service is tailored to collect information on business service quality and evaluate compliance to standard operating procedures. Contact us for further information about mystery shopping and other compliance related services.

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