Bribery Reaches USD 1 Trillion Per Year, This is The Importance of SNI ISO 37001 For Companies


Bribery Reaches USD 1 Trillion Per Year, This is The Importance of SNI ISO 37001 For Companies

The corruption issue has attracted world’s attention as the rise in corruption cases that ensnare the public and private sectors. The World Bank Group considers corruption as one of the biggest challenges to alleviate poverty by 2030. One part of corruption is bribery, which paid about USD 1 trillion annually worldwide according to World Bank.

Bribes have negative economic, moral and social impacts. In a company, bribery increases operational costs that have the greatest potential to degrade the company’s performance, even lead to bankruptcy.

Based on data from Transparency International, the average value of Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) of Asia Pacific countries is 44 in 2016. Indonesia’s CPI trend has increased by 32 (2012), 32 (2012), 32 (2014), 36 ( 2015) and 37 (2016). The CPI is 0-100. Zero CPI means the country is very corrupt and 100 means the country is clean of corruption.

The positive trend in Indonesia has received a continuous support from the government with the issuance of Presidential Instruction of the Republic of Indonesia No. 10 of 2016 on the prevention and eradication of corruption.


What is SNI ISO 37001?

In response to the instruction, BSN (Badan Standardisasi Nasional) had launched SNI ISO 37001 on 31 October 2016, an anti-bribery management instrument designed to help organizations (public and private) to develop, implement, maintain and improve an anti-bribery program.

SNI ISO 37001 is adopted from ISO 37001-2016: Anti-bribery Management Systems Requirements released by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The instrument is designed to be as flexible as possible for different types of organizations – including companies, organizational sizes, and cultural contexts.

Thus, both large and small companies can implement SNI ISO 37001 to design anti-bribery programs according to the organization’s needs. The application of this instrument can be integrated with other ones, for example, SNI ISO 9001: 2015.


Here are the benefits of SNI ISO 37001 certification for company

  • Provide competitive advantage. For clients, partners and potential investors, ISO certification ensures that companies have implemented measurable measures to prevent bribes and thus increase their confidence in a company.
  • Efficient business operation. SNI ISO 37001 offers a way to create regulations that support and direct a company that focuses on growth, revenue, cost reduction and business governance.
  • Minimize corruption. SNI ISO 37001 not only offers a means of preventing but also combating bribery.
  • Provide evidence. The implementation of ISO 37001 provides evidence – that the company prevents the bribery from occurring, in case of investigation is required.


How to obtain a certificate?

ISO 37001 Certificate of SNI is issued by a certification body for companies which own and implement the clauses therein. The implementation of which will need to be assessed from time to time (auditing). Among these clauses are:

  • Adopting anti-bribery policy, procedures, and controls.
  • Communicating policies and programs to all stakeholders, shareholders, and consultants.
  • Signing right person to be responsible for compliance.
  • Training employees on anti-bribery measurements.
  • Analyzing anti-bribery risks to all activities and conduct due diligence on partners and projects.
  • Making reasonable steps to verify that the employee complies with the anti-bribery policy.
  • Setting procedure of report (whistleblowing)
  • Investigating or dealing appropriately with all bribes or allegations of bribes
  • Constant correction and improvement.

Basically, the commitment of the implementation depends on the companies, whether they solely want to obtain a certificate or determinedly implement it that the concrete benefits are perceived.




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