How Mystery Shopping Reduces Risks in Your Businesses

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How Mystery Shopping Reduces Risks in Your Businesses

Compliance with internal and external regulations must be a top priority in businesses, primarily heavily regulated industries such as health, aviation, transportation, and finance. Accidental or deliberate violations of internal and external regulations can cause severe consequences for companies. Certainly, every employee, primarily in contact centers, has been trained in providing services to consumers according to standard operating procedures and government laws. However, how do companies ensure that their employees consistently adhering to the regulations?

Mystery shopping is a market research method which is generally used to measure the quality of customer service. A mystery shopper pretends to be a customer to collect data related to the quality of products and services of a company. A mystery shopper must be a person who has no affiliation to the company being researched so that the collected data are objective. In practice, mystery shopping is also commonly used to improve compliance in companies.

For example, by conducting mystery shopping, business managers can ensure if salespeople in their retail comply with alcoholic beverage sales regulation. In Indonesia, alcoholic beverages may only be traded to consumers of 21 years of age or older who show their identity card to the salesperson (Article 15 of the Minister of Trade Regulation 20/2014).

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Another example is banking industry. With mystery shopping, banks can find out whether their front-liners sell their financial products in compliance with existing standard operating procedures and government regulations, such as KYC (Know Your Customers) aspect. In fact, banks are the first industry which implemented mystery shopping.

From the data collected from mystery shopping, business managers can improve operational aspect as well as assess and mitigate potential business compliance risks.

Integrity is highly experienced in conducting mystery shopping to serve various clients. Our service is tailored to collect information on business service quality and evaluate compliance to standard operating procedures. Feel free to contact us for further information about mystery shopping and other compliance-related services.




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