Empowering the First Line of Defense


Empowering the First Line of Defense

Whistleblowing is about raising concerns over misconduct or fraudulent activities within corporations. However, to come into the decision of ‘blowing the whistle’ at work is often problematic for employees. It is either because the employees lack awareness of existing anti-fraud policies or/and because they think the environment is not safe enough for them to blow it.

It is imperative that employers do not ignore whistleblowing. Should a robust whistleblowing system is not offered within a corporation, it is likely that at some point disgruntled employees will seek external channels to speak out, which brings adverse consequences for the corporation.


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Since employees are the first line of defense against any misconduct or fraudulent activities, it is vital for corporations to empower them by communicating their anti-fraud policies. From your employees’ perspective, the efforts to communicate the policies will show that your corporation has the goodwill to listen to their concerns. While communication is the key to whistleblowing success, it is also challenging.

Therefore, Integrity will assist your company’s communication process by conducting training for employees. The training will help corporations to introduce and internalize their anti-fraud policies among employees, which would encourage the employees, and promote a positive environment. We provide our clients with the training of administrators, training of ‘trainers,’ and training of employees. The training is part of our whistleblowing service. Other than the training, we will also help you with communication support, both in terms of print and digital. Contact us today!




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