Background Screening: Hands off! Let Automation Work for You

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The era of automation is gradually revolutionizing various lines in business, including the recruitment process. Candidate background screening has become a crucial part of the recruitment process. This stage, when done conventionally, has a lot of human intervention, is time-consuming, and its paper-based document processes has created wide room for errors. Errors in recruitment have expensive consequences for companies both in terms of finance and the company’s reputation.

Integrating automation in background screening is the latest solution to the problem. Artificial intelligent (AI) and machine learning in the verification process can reduce human intervention such that the chance of error can be minimized while increasing efficiency.


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Automatic verification

Automation allows for the verification to be done automatically and for the results to be integrated with the company when working with a background screening vendor. For example, a recruiter would direct candidates to fill in their personally identifiable information (PII) and other required supporting information onto the candidate’s portal. This portal is provided by the vendor. Then, using the data, the vendor would run automatic verifications on the candidate’s educational history, criminal records, credit checks, reference checks, etc. With  automation, recruiters can monitor the real-time screening status from their HR management system and obtain accurate results in a shorter time compared to manual verification.


Employee monitoring

Integrating automation in background screening also allows companies to monitor their employees after recruitment. Employees who have gone through pre-employment background screening do not mean that they carry no risk at all. Employee data, such as credit checks and criminal checks, can change over time and, of course, bring risks to the company. With automation, companies can find out if there is a change in the employees’ data. This monitoring will be useful when the company wants to promote an employee for a critical position.

Integrity has many years of experience in providing compliance solutions, including employment background screening for many businesses from various industries. Should you need further information about employment background screening and other compliance solutions, do not hesitate to contact us today.




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