How Gig Economy is Shifting the way We do Background Screening

gig economy

How Gig Economy is Shifting the way We do Background Screening

The gig economy has been a buzz word in media platforms for the past few years. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the gig economy is a way of working that is based on people having temporary jobs or doing separate pieces of work, each paid separately, rather than working for an employer. The situation is a result of digitization, which allows people to work from anywhere and anytime, such as ride-hailing apps and freelance worker platforms.

While benefiting workers with flexibility, the gig economy allows employers to save more money by hiring highly-skilled workers on a per-project basis. However, hiring freelance workers also carries many more risks than hiring employees.

Therefore, conducting background screenings in the gig economy is a way to mitigate the risks is such a requirement for every business. As the gig economy is disrupting the way businesses work, it is also disrupting the way business screens its workers.

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Self-background screening

Screening on freelance workers drives innovations and trends called personal background screening. It allows freelance workers to conduct self-screenings by using online screening applications, which are now widely offered by many screening companies. The result of the self-screening of freelance workers is a guarantee of security for employers.


Automated background screening

The gig economy is such a fast-paced environment that demands a different way of screening on workers. A company should conduct a background screening quickly and as there is a little downtime between accepting and starting the project. Automation allows for verification workflows to work automatically, thus resulting in better accuracy and efficiency than conventional verification.

Establishing a strong background screening policy and partnering with an experienced background screening provider is critical for gaining confidence and minimizing cost in the gig economy.

Integrity has many years of experience in providing compliance solutions, including employment background screening for many businesses across industries. Should you need further information about employment background screening and other compliance solutions, do not hesitate to contact us today.




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