Cutting-edge Products and Services at The 2nd Indonesia Edutech Expo 2020

Cutting-edge Products and Services at The 2nd Indonesia Edutech Expo 2020

The 2nd Indonesia Edutech Expo 2020 with the theme of Educational Technology Implementation 4.0 was officially opened on Thursday (6/2/2020). The event, which was held in conjunction with the 29th Indonesian International Education & Training Expo, was supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Education Office, the National Information and Communication Technology Board, the National ICT Employers Association (APTIKNAS), the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII), the Executive Board of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PB PGRI), and the Indonesian Lecturers Association (ADI).

In this event, stakeholders in the field of education met, exchanged information, discussed, and gained new insights related to technologies that can support the improvement of the quality of education in Indonesia. The exhibition, which was attended by teachers, students, and universities, was officially opened by the Ministry of Education and Culture represented by the Head of Center for Information Technology and Communication Education, Gogot Suharwoto.


The role of technology in the world of education

In his opening speech, Mr. Gogot Suharwoto said that the government, through the Ministry of Education and Culture, encourages teachers to be proficient in utilizing technology in teaching and learning, as the implementation of technology in education has inevitably prevailed over traditional teaching methods. He added that technologically skilled teachers could inspire and make the classroom environment more fun for students.

Also present was the Chairman of the Executive Team for the National Information and Communication Technology Board, Ilham Habibie, as a keynote speaker. He firmly believed that learning methods that go hand in hand with technological developments would encourage students to learn.

“The future of learning trends will use technology as a tool to encourage students to be motivated and enthusiastic when learning,” he said

The exhibition, which took place from 6-9 February 2020, was filled with seminars and training sessions for teachers, and were delivered by competent speakers in the field of educational technology.


Cutting-edge products and services

Microsoft Indonesia, represented by Benny Kusuma, was one of the speakers at the seminar titled “Indonesian Education in the era of Digital Technology.” He introduced how one of the private junior high schools in Jakarta had run ‘smart classroom’ programs by using Microsoft’s innovative products.

The main feature of this grand event is the exhibition of various cutting-edge products and services that could support government programs in creating excellent human resources in the 4.0 industrial era.

One of them is financial technology services that improves access to financing. The greater access to financing is expected to encourage the equal distribution of the nation’s quality of education.

Another cutting-edge service was the Learning Management System that enables educational institutions to increase student involvement and improve the learning process through communication and collaboration. This is in addition to increasing the access to additional curriculum and content.

integrity edutech expo

Integrity Asia, as a company engaged in compliance, also took part in the exhibition to introduce an educational background screening service, Education Verification.

Education Verification is an educational background screening platform that offers:

  • A simple interface to validate education credentials in just a few clicks.
  • A global service that includes more than 16,000 universities in 180 countries.
  • Opportunities for income for university partners, schools, certification bodies and training institutions as verifiers.

Our screening platform allows companies and educational or training institutions to collaborate in protecting each other’s reputation from the adverse effects of fake diplomas. Defend the reputation of your company and institution now. For more information about Education Verification, contact us today.

Image sources: and Integrity Indonesia’s document.



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