Occupational Fraud Causes Organizations to Lose 5% of their Revenue Every Year


Occupational Fraud Causes Organizations to Lose 5% of their Revenue Every Year

Report  to The Nations 2020 Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse released by ACFE found that organizations lose 5% of their revenue every year due to occupational fraud. If projected towards the Gross World Product in 2019 of 90.52 trillion US dollars, the percentage of loss is equivalent to more than 4.5 trillion US dollars.

The data was obtained by conducting a study of 2,504 cases of occupational fraud from 125 countries that were investigated between January 2018 and September 2019. Occupational fraud affects large multinational organizations, small nonprofits, and every size and type of business or government agencies. Fraudsters in these cases range from C-Suite executives to entry-level employees.

The most effective fraud detection method

From the results of these studies it can be concluded that no organization is immune to fraud. To prevent loss or at least minimize losses, the organization would need to make an effort to detect fraud early on.

It is important for organizations to know the most common methods for detecting fraud effectively. The study found that tips were the most common method. More than 40% of fraud cases in this study were detected by tips.

Whistleblowing system

Therefore, it is important for organizations to pay attention to the tip process so that they can effectively detect fraud. Organizations can apply reporting methods through a whistleblowing system.

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