Revealing Losses Due to Trademark Disputes

trademark dispute

Revealing Losses Due to Trademark Disputes

The dispute between a public figure and a businessman over the ‘Geprek Bensu’ brand has been making headlines recently.  The similarity of the brand in terms of design and logo, has caused these two parties to sue each other for the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the brand.

The trademark dispute case above is only one of many cases in Indonesia. A number of cases have occurred, where some of them are even related to international trademarks owned by foreign companies such as the case of IKEA Sweden with IKEA (Intan Equatorial Esa Abadi), Toyota Lexus with ProLexus, or DC Comics with Superman wafers.

Implications of Trademark Disputes

Of course, brand disputes cause huge losses. According to CompuMark’s research, as many as 75% of companies process trademark dispute cases to court. The impact of litigation can reduce revenue, plus court costs can reach $ 50,000 – $ 249,999. Moreover, if the company has to replace entire brand elements such as their name, design, logo, and change of brand image, the costs will be even greater.

Apart from financial aspects, issues related to brand disputes can also affect the brand image of the company. Consumers often feel confused because the brand names are similar to one another. It also affects consumer trust and loyalty which might decline because the company is considered to have no integrity in doing business such that brand disputes would occur.

Trademark Investigation as Anticipation

Brand dispute cases can have broad implications. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research related to trademarks circulating in the market so that there are no missteps in determining which brand will be published.

Research and investigation require a long time to be carried out by internal companies themselves. Therefore, Integrity Indonesia as a trusted and experienced investigator service provides trademark investigation and non-use investigation services to conduct research related to trademarks. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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