The Significance of Employee Training in Detecting Fraud

detecting fraud

The Significance of Employee Training in Detecting Fraud

detecting fraudFraud is a global problem that can occur to companies or organizations in any part of the world. In fact, organizations or companies around the world have lost about 5 percent of their annual income due to fraud, according to the Report to the Nation 2020 report.

Fraud can be detected by various methods, one of which is the complaint method – which is also the most common method for detecting fraud, according to the same Report to the Nation report. The complaint method that is used to detect fraud is used in 50% of company cases by the company’s employees. This shows that employees have an important role in uncovering fraud cases.

Benefits of Training for Employees

Employees are the best asset in preventing and detecting fraud. The report to the nation explained that 48% of cases were detected by complaints that were made after training sessions were held. Therefore, there is a need for training for employees to be more effective in detecting fraud so that losses can be minimized.

Employee training can provide several benefits. Training provides an effective way to communicate the corporate management’s commitment to handling fraud. Training can also help control audit costs and reduce the time that external auditors have to do for fraud assessment.

Employees will know the right time and way to report fraud.

Training in the Whistleblowing System

While empowering employees with training is essential to combat fraud, it is also challenging. Therefore, Integrity Indonesia, with more than fifteen years of experience in the field of compliance, provides our clients with the Canary WBS as well as assists them in educating their employees about this system.

The Canary WBS allows for the safe reporting of violations with the choice of anonymity. Canary is equipped with case management that provides you with notifications, analysis and reporting management.

Canary also provides training to empower employees in following up fraud cases. The training we provide are in the form of:

  • Administrator training
  • ‘Trainers’ training
  • Employee training

The training material we provide for client employees includes the Canary WBS fundamentals. Contact us today for more information about Canary WBS.



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