Mystery Shopping to Measure Compliance to Health Protocols

mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping to Measure Compliance to Health Protocols

mystery shoppingThe imposition of large-scale social restrictions and health protocols by governments across countries has become both a new normal and a challenge for companies. Meanwhile, in the midst of a down turning economy, companies are continuing to strive to attract customer confidence and trust.

The challenge of the new normal

There is a growing awareness of the importance of implementing social restrictions and health protocols in society. Many social media users have posted criticisms of businesses that don’t adhere to health protocols. Therefore, companies need to ensure that their business complies with the new normal protocols in order to provide a sense of security, which in turn fosters customer trust and maintains the company’s reputation.

Companies need to ensure that every employee, especially those at the contact center, have been trained in providing services to consumers based on standard operating procedures and health protocols that apply. Companies need to also ensure that their employees have been implementing these measures consistently. These measures are for example, for employees to use masks and face shields while serving and keeping their distance from customers, and it may also be by the shop providing hand sanitation and body temperature gauges.

However, consistency is often a common problem. There may be times when they do not provide services according to procedures, thereby causing the company’s reputation to be exposed to risk.

Mystery shopping as a compliance tool

Mystery shopping is one solution that companies can do. Mystery shopping is a market research method which is generally used to measure the quality of customer service. A mystery shopper pretends to be a customer to collect data related to the quality of products and services of a company. A mystery shopper must be a person who has no affiliation to the company being researched. This is so that the collected data is objective. In practice, mystery shopping is also commonly used to improve compliance in companies.

Integrity is highly experienced in conducting mystery shopping to serve various clients. Our service is tailored to collect information on business service quality and evaluate compliance to standard operating procedures. Contact us today for further information about mystery shopping and other compliance-related services.




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