6 Credential Documents that a Potential Employee Can Falsify

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Education certificates are one of the many credential documents that are potentially falsified by a potential employee. So, what are the other documents? Here are the six credential documents that your company should be skeptical about their authenticity:

  1. Education certificate
  2. Competency certificate
  3. Paklaring (employment certificate)
  4. Health documents (medical resume, doctor’s note, drug free certificate, etc.)
  5. Credit report
  6. Police Record Certificate (SKCK)

Hiring candidates with fake credential documents exposes the company to serious risks such as theft of assets, corruption and other misconducts that are causing reputational and financial losses. Therefore, to avoid these risks, companies need to conduct a background check before making a decision to hire a potential employee.

Integrity Indonesia has been trusted by its clients from various industry backgrounds as a provider of mitigation services, including Employment Background Screening services. To verify a candidate’s claim, our screener team assesses the validity of the information provided in the candidate’s curriculum vitae and other supporting documents by conducting a background check.

Our screening process is carried out through Prisma, a screening software application that we have developed that is integrated with our client’s HR information system. Contact us today for more detailed information about the Employment Background Screening service.




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