Beware of rampant fake certificates of employment

fake certificate of employment

Beware of rampant fake certificates of employment

fake certificate of employmentA copy of a certificate of employment is one of the requirements that are usually requested during a recruitment process. The certificate states that someone has worked in a certain company with a certain position and for a certain period of time.

In the Indonesian Civil Code, a certificate of employment is referred to as a “statement” regarding an individual’s work termination. The certificate of employment is one of the documents that companies need to be skeptical of its authenticity because it is often forged.

Fake certificates of employment

The HR department has extraordinary access to the company. First, they keep a database of employees. Second, they are given the responsibility of holding the company seal. Third, they have the authority to sign documents with respect to employment.

“Because of such great access, this creates the potential for fraud by HR itself in publishing certificates of employment,” said the Head of Employment Background Screening at Integrity Indonesia, Nancy Desianti.

She mentioned that in several recruitment cases, ironically, many HR candidates have committed fraud. In these cases, discrepancies were found in the certificates after verification has been conducted. Some of these discrepancies include the certificates’ numbers which turned out to be invalid, discrepancies in position, tenure, or the certificates being signed by the candidates themselves, or the signatories of the certificates were not the appropriate authorities. In extreme cases, the candidates edited the certificates.

In addition, the falsification of certificates of employment is also caused by the proliferation of document mills. Nowadays, counterfeiters are increasingly bold by publicly advertising their illegal services on e-commerce platforms and social media.

Certificates of employment verification

There are many potential risks for employers caused by candidates making false claims on their resumes. Candidates who are recruited with false claims may expose the company to serious risks, for example, theft of assets, corruption, and other misconduct leading to reputational and financial losses.

Therefore, it is important for companies to verify credentials, including certificates of employment. Integrity Indonesia has been trusted by clients from various industry backgrounds as a provider of mitigation services, including Employment Background Screening services.

Our screening process is carried out through Prisma, a screening software application that we have developed that is integrated with the client’s HR information system. Contact us today for more detailed information about our Employment Background Screening service.


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