How ABMS Can Support Your Company to Survive and Grow

abms anti bribery management system

How ABMS Can Support Your Company to Survive and Grow

abms anti bribery management systemTo survive and grow in this constantly changing world, organizations are demanded to prove their reliability and trustworthiness. Meanwhile, corruption and bribery remain as major threats for organizations. A report entitled “The World Economy on a Tightrope” compiled by the OECD said that during economic recovery, emerging markets, including Indonesia, will face several risks, including the increase in the potential for corruption in the business world.

In order to prevent these risks and to prove reliability as well as trustworthiness, organizations need to take greater efforts. One of which is to implement an Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS). Many organizations, both private and public in Indonesia and around the globe have started to implement and benefited from the standard. 

How ABMS transforms the organization

BTN is one of many organizations that have implemented ABMS. The state-owned bank has been facing a graft scandal that involves their former boss. This case began in 2014 when a creditor, PT Pelangi Putra Mandiri, applied for a loan from Bank BTN worth Rp. 117 billion. The credit was problematic along the way and experienced non-performing loans (NPL). After further investigation, it was found that there was a suspicion of bribery in the provision of credit facilities. AGO has declared that the former boss of BTN is a suspect for allegedly receiving bribes from creditors.

According to Kontan, the corporate secretary said that BTN has made many improvements, especially in business processes and that they have obtained the SNI ISO 37001 ABMS certificate in the field of Commercial Credit (Commercial Lending) and the field of Procurement (Procurement). The ISO certificate confirmed the bank’s commitment to comply with regulatory requirements. It was also meaningful for the bank in carrying out the company’s transformation towards The Best Mortgage Bank in South East Asia. 

ABMS certification

Although the ISO 37001 ABMS is not a silver bullet to mitigating bribery risks (as there is no regulation that can make organizations immune from bribery) your company should take all possible measures to prevent it from occurring. ISO 37001 ABMS comprises ten clauses to help your company build a robust ABMS. The certification process itself is not a type of ‘checkbox’ review by auditors. There are a few stages that ensure that the applicants have put the system into action.

In order to follow the process efficiently and successfully obtain the certification, your company requires training and consultations regarding the certification.

Integrity Indonesia provides tailored training and consultations to accompany our clients through the setting up and implementation of the ABMS. We will follow the four stages of Plan / Do / Check / Act methodologies to help you set up and implement the ABMS. For the details of how our training and consultancy can help your company, contact us today!


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