5 tips to encourage employees to report shenanigans

5 tips to encourage employees to report shenanigans

5 tips to encourage employees to report shenanigans

5 tips to encourage employees to report shenanigansMore and more companies are increasingly aware of the importance of implementing a whistleblowing system. In Indonesia, state-owned companies are required to participate in an integrated Whistleblowing System program, which is expected to improve synergy and monitoring of the handling of complaints in an effort to eradicate corruption.

However, there are various factors that render the implementation of a whistleblowing system in vain. The absence of an integrity-based culture is one of them. In order for the whistleblowing system to work effectively, here is a summary of integrated solutions based on research that can be applied by any organization:

1. Create a sense of safety

Organizational support and culture are among the biggest drivers of disclosure. Instead of relying heavily on financial audit, a good leader builds good relationships with employees, for example, by adopting non-judgmental dialogue. This would help to build employees’ confidence to use their voice. Another example is holding regular sessions where they encourage employees to express their concerns.

2. Easy-to-access reporting tool

Organizations need to invest in providing training for their employees to recognize signs of violations and to understand reporting mechanisms. This is critical because many times a person notices shenanigans but is unsure how to respond. Furthermore, organizations also need to ensure that the whistleblowing hotline is cyber secure, anonymous, and easily accessible. Integrity Indonesia, with two decades of experience in the compliance field, has been trusted by clients to be the provider of their whistleblowing system.

Integrity’s Canary Whistleblowing System provides a secure and dedicated platform with a choice of anonymity levels for you. Canary website is equipped with case management that provides you with easy-to-access notification, analysis, and reporting management. Contact us for further information.

3. Framing message with positive images

Beside emphasizing financial consequences, organizations can also include messages that appeal to empathy, personal interest, and inclusion. Position ‘silence’ as everyone’s problem to achieve a common goal. Also position reporting violations as an act of showing compassion and support for the other person.

4. Motivation with a story of courage

Organizations need to celebrate and highlight stories of employees who courageously exposed shenanigans. This can reduce employees’ fear of being labeled negatively and as a persuasive effort to encourage employees to speak up.

5. Give non-monetary incentive

While regulators offer a monetary incentive for whistleblowers – take Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission for example, which offers 200 million rupiah maximum or around 13,000 US dollars, it is advised that organizations don’t follow suit. Research results show how monetary awards could lead to complex problems rather than nurturing integrity-based culture. Leaders need to show genuine gratitude to those who expose wrongdoings as a form of appreciation. It will create a bandwagon effect, encouraging other employees to raise concern and report shenanigans.


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