Book review: Identity Theft, Inc.

Former education department bigwig steals

Book review: Identity Theft, Inc.

book review identity theftWritten by Glenn Hastings and Richard Marcus, Identity Theft, Inc. is a book that reveals methods of identity theft from the point of view of the thieves themselves, who are the authors of the book. At the same time, the book also outlines how people can protect themselves from the evils of a group of identity thieves roaming the real and virtual worlds of today. Glenn Hastings, not his real name, is a writer who has swindled banks, airlines, casinos, insurance companies, and hotels grossing a hundred thousand dollars. As for Richard Marcus, he used to be an infamous Las Vegas casino scammer. He retired and wrote a book.

This book has an interesting plot and tells in detail the story of Glenn who started out as a petty thief, then became a thief of luxury goods, before finally becoming a big thief. Hastings carried out his crimes in collaboration with a character he called “Bones.” The most compelling aspect of this book is that Hastings elaborated on how they could get away with their crimes. For example, he elaborated on how they committed the most extreme theft, which was stealing from a member of the Federal Reserve Bank.

In addition, the level of details provided is captivating, with this book serving as a “how to” manual for living a life as a criminal. In one chapter, he explained the criteria for choosing a scam safe house. The concept of a scam safe house for perpetrators like him is the same as the concept of a safe house for government agents. The choice of a scam safe house location can be seen from its ability to blend unobtrusively with the environment and based on the type of fraud operating. For Hastings, to support the type of scam he ran, he needed a scam safe house located in an upscale location.

Overall, this book is recommended for investigators, entrepreneurs, and the general public who want to learn about the modes of theft in order to protect themselves and their businesses from these crimes.


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