How does Canary Whistleblowing System help organizations comply with ISO 37002 WMS?

How does Canary Whistleblowing System help organizations comply with ISO 37002 WMS?

How does Canary Whistleblowing System help organizations comply with ISO 37002 WMS?

How does Canary Whistleblowing System help organizations comply with ISO 37002 WMS?The key to whistleblowing success is gaining the trust of whistleblowers. The ISO 37002 WMS is a critical step in establishing a universal norm on how to develop trust. Data security, an anonymous interaction with the whistleblower, and protection for individuals who disclose wrongdoings and shenanigans are all critical components of an effective whistleblowing system.

All of these critical components are regulated in ISO as a guidance for organizations to strengthen their whistleblowing system. Canary Whistleblowing, as a third-party whistleblowing solution, helps organizations to meet the clauses of ISO:

1. Case Management System

Clause 4.4 Whistleblowing management system requires organizations to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve a whistleblowing management system, which applies the principles of trust, impartiality, and protection, and must ensure appropriate feedback throughout the entire process.

Canary’s Case Management System is intended to guarantee that clients and whistleblowers manage cases in accordance with the clause, from offering the service through receiving, investigation, closure, archiving, and deleting a case. Our clients and the whistleblowers will have their own case management workspace. We guarantee the anonymity of whistleblowers under several options.

2. Reporting channels

Reporting channels are the core of a whistleblowing system. Clause 8.2 highlights the requirements of reporting channels that organizations must identify, implement, communicate and maintain visible, accessible and secure. Visible and accessible imply that whistleblowers can easily find and use the available channels.

As required by the clause, Canary Whistleblowing System enables a whistleblower to submit a disclosure through our 24/7 easy-to-use hotline reporting tools such as Phone, Text Message, Secured Website Form, Postage Mail, Mobile App, Email, and Online Chat. With our well-trained staff and high-quality analysis, we ensure the confidentiality and security of the whistleblower while making a report.

3. Security & data retention

Clause 7.5.4 underlines the significance of data protection and its impact on certain components of the whistleblower management system. In order to comply with the clause, Canary Whistleblowing System offers security that assures a trustworthy environment for our clients and whistleblowers, as well as protects user data from unauthorized party eavesdropping. Canary is dedicated to safeguarding and respecting your privacy in terms of data management, including data retention, in accordance with GDPR.

4. Confidentiality & safety

Clause 7.5.5 requires organizations to provide confidentiality to all interested parties, including the whistleblower and any subjects of the report. The identity of the whistleblower and relevant interested parties will not be disclosed without their consent. As a third-party whistleblowing solution, Canary offers whistleblowers with several options that ensure the security and confidentiality of their identities as required by the clause.

5. Training

Empowering personnel is important to the robustness of the whistleblowing system. Therefore, personnel training and whistleblowing awareness measures must be provided by organizations according to Clause 7.3.2. The training and measures must be done on their induction and on a regular basis, as appropriate to their roles, the risks of non-compliance to which they are exposed and any changing circumstances.

Canary Whistleblowing System assists our clients in the education of their employees. We provide our clients with training of administrators, training of ‘trainers,’ and training of employees.

6. Communication support

Clause 7.4 requires organizations to communicate information and policy of whistleblowing system to their employees using communication channels, such as newsletters, emails, posters, intranet or internet posts, personnel meetings, town halls, training courses, internal bulletin boards or hand-held flyers, pamphlets, pocket cards, social media, in person, and any other relevant communication vehicles.

In addition to the training, Canary Whistleblowing System also provides our clients with communication support both in printing and digital forms.



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