Book Review: Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting

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Book Review: Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting

pharmaceutical anti-counterfeitingIn general, while  provides some guidance on policy and strategy issues of drugs anti-counterfeiting, Pharmaceutical Anti-counterfeiting also goes over the many stages in the manufacturing and distribution process where drug counterfeiting and smuggling may occur in both developing and developed countries. Mark Davison, the author, divides this book into five parts. 

Part one is General Themes, which generally covers counterfeit drugs – the origins, contexts, risk and costs, etc, business risks and strategy, government issues, as well as IP and anti-counterfeiting. Part two outlines the authentication technologies. In this part, some technical subjects were deliberately covered by the author in less detail to avoid helping counterfeiters. The compelling part is how much diverse technology is available in the process of producing a medicine and moving it through the supply chain to make it more difficult to counterfeit.

Part three outlines the product tracking. Part four is Conclusion and Future. In this part, the author provides short summaries of criminal methods used and the geographical spread of pharmaceutical counterfeiting activities. And the last part, part five, is Further Resources, which overviews information and guidance for a patient to avoid counterfeit drugs.

Mark Davison has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. According to his professional social media account, he is the CEO of Grant Instruments, a world leading technology innovator and scientific equipment company. He previously served as head of international business (outside USA) for rfxcel Corporation – global leader in traceability, IoT hardware/software and blockchain solutions for pharma, food, beverage, FMCG, etc. 

This book is aimed at those who work in the fields of pharmaceutical, health care, intellectual property, and government regulation.



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