How comprehensive media check and court check shed light on candidate’s track record and risky behavior

court check dan media comprehensive check

How comprehensive media check and court check shed light on candidate’s track record and risky behavior

candidate checkCandidate may have a dazzling CV and outstanding interview results, do not be hasty in making a hiring decision. Remain skeptical since there could be a track record and behavioral patterns that are harmful to the organization.

With easier access to news, it would be prudent for companies to undertake a comprehensive media check as a means of screening potential candidates. The mainstream media spotlights several criminal cases, including cases of violence against women.

If a candidate’s name is found in the media with such adverse information, further search is required to verify it, particularly via court checks. This method runs by checking criminal records in court’s data.

However, the verification process may not finish there. Often, if your candidate’s name is too common or has only one syllable, you may need to conduct additional field research to confirm it.

Track record and behavioral tendencies are very important indicators for companies in assessing and considering candidates’ eligibility to be recruited. Obviously, a company will not get such critical information from a candidate’s CV or interview results without performing a more in-depth information search that includes court checks and comprehensive media checks.

By completing a thorough background check on applicants, the company complies with applicable regulations, safeguards assets, and workplace safety, and averts potential catastrophic losses due to bad hiring.

Certain skills in performing media searches and investigations are required. Integrity Asia assists companies in conducting court checks and comprehensive media checks to ensure that someone fit your company’s employment criteria.


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