Which organizations must be ISO 37001: 2016 ABMS certified?

iso 37001: 2016 abms

Which organizations must be ISO 37001: 2016 ABMS certified?

ISO 37001: 2016 ABMSThe ISO 37001: 2016 ABMS certification addresses the two most critical components of fraud — bribery and corruption. Both of them do significant harm to organizations. Financial shortfalls, catastrophic legal fines, and a tarnished brand or reputation are among the aftermaths.

What are the benefits of ISO 371001 ABMS certification for organizations?

  • Efficient business operation. SNI ISO 37001 offers a way to create regulations that support and direct a corporation that focuses on growth, revenue, cost reduction, and business governance.
  • Minimize corruption. It is common that corruption begins with bribery no matter how small it is. SNI ISO 37001 not only offers a means of preventing but also combating bribery.
    Evidence. The implementation of ISO 37001 provides evidence that the company has implemented processes and protocols to prevent bribery from occurring, in case an investigation is required.
  • Provide competitive advantage. For clients, partners and potential investors, ISO certification ensures that corporations have implemented measures to prevent bribes and thus increase their confidence in a corporation.
  • As ‘life insurance’ that protects its assets. In Indonesia, an organization can be suspected of conducting crime or considered being negligent if it stumbles upon criminal cases while no ABMS is being implemented as a liability standard, according to PERMA No. 13 Year 2016.

Which organizations must get the certification

In Indonesia, several sectors – especially vital ones such as oil, gas, health, etc – have requirements for ISO 37001: 2016 ABMS as a company liability standard, immediately after the issuance of the Presidential Instruction of the Republic of Indonesia No. 10 of 2016 on the prevention and eradication of corruption.

Anti-corruption compliance, such as the ISO, is critical for organizations with strong ethical principles that want to grow their operations across borders and attract prospective investors and business partners who are committed to long-term relationships with the company. The ISO 37001 standard is intended to be applicable to all organizations (or sections of an organization), regardless of the kind, size, or nature of the economic activity being conducted.

Integrity Asia provides tailored training and consultations to accompany our clients through the setting up and implementation of ABMS. We will follow the four stages of Plan / Do / Check / Act methodologies to help you set up and implement ABMS. For details of how our training and consultancy can help your company, contact us today!

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