Integrity Asia was invited as a guest lecturer at University of Indonesia

university of indonesia

Integrity Asia was invited as a guest lecturer at University of Indonesia

university of indonesia

Integrity AsiaOn 1 March 2022, Mrs. Azhara Khayati, Head of Employment Background Screening of Integrity Asia, was invited as a guest lecturer for ‘Kapita Selekta’ course themed “Challenges and Security Business Opportunity in the Revolutionary Era 4.0.” The event was held by the Undergraduate Program Study, Faculty of Criminology, University of Indonesia.

The class was attended by 84 students along with several lecturers, namely Mr Drs. Dadang Sudiadi, M.Si, Mr Drs. Eko Hariyanto, M.Si, and Mr Yogo Tri Hendiarto, S.Sos, M.Si,.

Mrs. Khayati was invited as a guest lecturer to provide insights to the students on how Employment Background Screening practices are implemented in Indonesia, and the importance of Employment Screening to be carried out by companies as a preventive action in hiring risky candidates. 

Mrs. Khayati shared some examples of common red flags found during the verification process, a few tips on how to conduct data verification, both offline and online, as well as the implementation of the candidate’s personal data protection. Q&A was conducted at the end of the session, which was greeted enthusiastically by the students. One of the students asked for successful career tips in the security industry. One of the tips conveyed by Mrs. Khayati is the importance for students to complete their internships.

“The internship program is very important because it complements the curriculum while learning in practice various real cases in the field. To support this program, we are giving an opportunity for students in their last semester to have an internship experience with us. We are also open for interns to be recruited as permanent employees at a later stage,” said Mrs. Khayati.

The class ended with a few short messages from other lecturers. 


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