Sharing Session About “Introduction to the Identification of Counterfeit Drugs” for the Bandung Police Department

Sharing Session About “Introduction to the Identification of Counterfeit Drugs” for the Bandung Police Department

training counterfeit drugs in Polresta Bandung, Jawa Barat

On 7 July 2022, Integrity Indonesia held a sharing session themed the “Introduction to identify of Counterfeit Drugs in Indonesia” at the Bandung City Police Department. This session is a manifestation of the close cooperation between Integrity Indonesia as a partner in fighting the circulation of counterfeit drugs and law enforcement.

The event was attended by 38 participants, consisting of the heads of the Narcotics Investigation Unit, investigators and operational team members of the Drug Investigation Unit, the heads of the sector police, and the criminal investigation units from each sector of the Bandung City Police. The event, which was held in the Sabilulungan Hall, was opened with remarks from the Deputy Head of the Bandung Police Narcotics Investigation Unit.

The sharing session was about the introduction and identification of the circulation of counterfeit drugs in Indonesia. Three main topics were addressed: an introduction to counterfeit drugs, common problems related to drug counterfeiting, and the findings.

The topics covered the impact of counterfeit drugs on public health and safety, the modus operandi of the circulation of counterfeit drugs, and even had a demonstration of the kind of counterfeit drugs that are circulating in the community, as well as how to identify them based on the features of the packaging.

It is hoped that with this sharing session, all the stakeholders involved will be able to collaborate in eliminating the distribution of counterfeit medication in Indonesia.


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