Integrity Asia holds a “Clean Ciliwung” event

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Integrity Asia holds a “Clean Ciliwung” event

ciliwung raftingIntegrity Asia held a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity as part of its 21st anniversary celebrations, in collaboration with the Sahabat Ciliwung Foundation and Ocean Kita. On November 5, 2022, the CSR activity with the theme “Experience Ciliwung” was held in the Depok district of West Java.

This event was attended by Integrity Asia personnel, and participants engaged in rafting as well as collecting plastic debris along the Ciliwung river. The distance traveled was roughly 5 kilometers, beginning at the Panus Bridge and ending at the Friends of Ciliwung Boat Pier.

According to Mr. Edouard Helfand, Managing Director of Integrity Asia, this activity is about the responsibility of all components of society, including government and private companies. Integrity, as a private company, is responsible for contributing to environmental sustainability.

After the rafting was completed, the event was followed by weighing the accumulated trash as a means of appreciation to the participants for their efforts in aiding garbage management. The presentation ended with an open discussion about the current and future consequences and impact of plastic garbage pollution on our lives.

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