A takjil competition enlivens Integrity Indonesia’s iftar festivities

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iftar gatheringBreaking fast (iftar) collectively has become an annual tradition for Integrity Indonesia. This year, the festivities were held in a unique stream of events. The 2023 joint iftar celebrations were enlivened by a takjil serving contest (takjil:a light food or beverage eaten to break a fast).

A total of 6 teams from various departments took part in the competition, displaying their enthusiasm and creativity in presenting theirtakjilwith various concepts. For instance, one of the teams adopted the concept of ‘80s snacks’, consisting of brewed tea,kue talam(mini pumpkin sweets),mendoan(tempeh bites), andes hunkwe(a sweet popsicle-like delicacy made from mung bean flour). 

The jury began their judgment of the contest when it was time to break fast for the day. The uniqueness of the concept, the plating, and the taste of the contestant’s creations were the jury’s parameters of assessment. 

The festivities were then continued with a dinner and the prize winner announcement. 

Team “Soeka Djajan” received the first prize for their one-of-a-kind concept and beautiful plating. Even though only one group was crowned the winner, the contest encouraged the togetherness and fellowship of Integrity Indonesia, brightening the Ramadan atmosphere of this year. 

The company hopes that the variety of exciting employee activities can further strengthen the solidarity of Integrity’s personnel.


Photo: Integrity Indonesia

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