Our Values

Confidentiality and discretion

We protect the confidentiality of information to which we have access in conducting our business, in accordance with applicable law and contractual agreements. This information includes but is not limited to products and business matters, confidential personnel information as well as other information concerning our clients.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Hiring managers are reminded at all times during the recruitment process that they must apply a fair and equitable process for all candidates. People are valued and respected. Everyone has equal access to available employment by ensuring that workplace is free from discrimination, harassment, and behaviors that are fair. They should have the opportunities to develop their full potential and pursue a career path of their choice.

Code of Conduct

We have Code of Conduct in place and it applies to every individual or contractor who works for our organization or represents us. Our core values are integrated throughout this Code of Conduct as we seek to have and maintain integrity awareness, professionalism, respect of others, and seeking continuous improvement.

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