Field Investigator


Do you have a passion for interacting with people? Do you have a logical mind, imagination and like to work on the field? Taking some calculated risks to achieve your targets? Have you read any detective book and felt you also could find the truth when you were looking for it? If that is the case, we might have the position you are dreaming of. Not only do we offer a job, we provide adventure, Not only do we offer a career, we propose you become an expert.

Between you and me, if you do not feel brave enough to go out in the field and show initiative, don’t bother applying. If you want to work behind a desk, no need either. If your CV is not fully accurate and if you have been involved in any kind of improper activity, also no need to apply because we will check. We only want talented candidates with high integrity standards. By the way, we will not be looking at your academic achievements, we will be looking at who you are.


If you think you are cut for the job, then we look forward to receive your curriculum vitae. More importantly, please send us your application letter to explain why you want to join us and why you think we should employ you.

Integrity Thailand is an equal opportunity employer.

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