Mystery Shopping

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This service is provided to our clients to measure integrity, quality and quantity of service, or compliance with internal or external regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. Mystery shoppers perform specific actions such as purchasing a product, asking questions or behaving in a certain way according to a pre-approved scenario, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about the results of their assignments.

Our five step methodology






  1. Design a mystery shopping program
    • Detailed objectives of the mystery shopping.
    • Reporting requirements.
  2. Test the program with a pilot project
    • Testing the scenario, the questionnaire and the report templates.
  3. Implementation
    • Our mystery shoppers conduct their assignments based on agreed methodology.
  4. Reporting
    • Submitted on an agreed schedule, our reports provide an analysis and recommendations for remediation, detailed accounts and supporting evidence.
  5. Monitoring
    • Based on additional mystery shopping assignments, Integrity Indonesia provides an analysis on the evolution of compliance on specific targets.
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