Privately owned, the company is run by professionals who have expertise in each of their competencies.

Fully supported by a solid management team, our expert team of full-time investigators and analysts, have up to 15 years of experience in due diligence and pre-employment screening, fraud investigation, compliance monitoring and regulatory consulting, intellectual property investigations, insurance claim investigation, asset and skip tracing, white collar crime, IT forensics, etc.

In serving our corporate clients, our investigators and analyst are trained and equipped. We invest in them and ensure their interests remains focused. This allows us to identify people the most likely to stay on the long term with the organization and deliver the highest level of performance.

In most cases our employees hold bachelors from reputable universities, majoring in management, criminology and law enforcement.

We are continuously evolving the way we bring talent to our organization in order to build on our market leading position by ensuring our recruitment process is designed to identify not only the right skills and experience but also the right attitude. In addition to various interviews and tests, a thorough and comprehensive pre-employment screening is conducted prior to hiring.

Our people come from different backgrounds, regions and countries as synergy is required for a multicultural team to strive in South East Asia. Our people may be assigned to remote areas, carry out cross-border assignments, and work in shifts both for overt and discreet enquiries as the circumstances demand.

Our people fully abiding by the integrity standards defined by our Code of conduct and sharing our Vision and Mission, business is served by high competency, commitment, and the right cultural fit.

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