Regulatory Consulting & Training

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Regulatory consulting

Regulatory compliance poses challenges for businesses, especially in an environment where policies continuously shift and regulations are often changed. Companies need to adapt and be equipped with the most updated compass to help them navigate the dynamic regulatory landscape.

Integrity Asia consultants provide comprehensive consulting services on regulatory requirements related to our following field of expertise:

  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption matters

Our consultants assist the clients to be prepared in undergoing certification and implementing the anti-bribery management system standard.

  • Compliance matters

Our consultants help the clients to review their standard operating procedures and implement compliance across the organization.

Regulatory training

Businesses in all sectors especially the heavily regulated industry need to equip their employees with the knowledge of the existing regulations and where the policies are heading to enable them to apply and ultimately comply.

Our consultants develop training material and solutions for our clients adapted to their risk profile and requirements. The training will be tailored to a comprehensive compliance program that includes anti-bribery and anti-corruption regulations where our clients can learn how to prevent and address violations internally as well as strategies to combat possible corruption or bribery on the external side such as vendors or suppliers.

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