Better Employees at Work with Pre-Employment Screening

Better Employees at Work with Pre-Employment Screening

Great employees are one of the company’s most valuable assets that will lead to business success. However, with today’s global economy and workforce, finding the right employee can be very challenging. Research has shown that more than 50% of all resumes contain data inaccuracies which make employers can no longer rely solely on candidate interviews in making a sound hiring decision. There are many potential risks posed by applicants who make false claims in their resume. In reality, bad hires will certainly consume time and resources of the company, such as costs of recruitment, learning process, and replacement, also the loss of productivity while a position is vacant. Within the company, poor employment decision which resulting bad hires with negative attitudes can quickly affect other employees and create an unstable work environment which results in lower work performance. Bad hires can also put the company at risk of more serious problems such as theft of assets, corruption and other misconducts that can lead to financial loss and damaged reputation.

All these risks can be minimized and avoided when employers utilize pre-employment screening. Pre-employment screening is one of the recruitment steps that allows employers to verify information supplied by candidates on their resumes and applications. The screening process will not only provide employers the factual data of education, prior job history, and work performance but also reveal the candidate’s prior behavior or information that doesn’t surface on a resume or in an interview. Pre-employment screening acts like a first defense action which can provide employers with adequate facts to assess potential risks and deter inappropriate candidates from getting hired.

Pre-employment screening not only can save employers from potential losses but also gives many other benefits. Those who have utilized it realize improvement in quality employees and work productivity. This is because pre-employment screening provides accurate background check so employers can easily recognize candidates with skills and experience they are looking for. Employers also report lower turnover rate and lesser misconducts which create a safe and comfortable workplace.

Pre-employment screening has been a common integral process of company’s recruitment. When employers invest in a pre-employment screening program, they avoid the lost time and costs of making bad hiring decisions. But not only that, the most important thing is they gain the right people which will contribute to the success of their businesses.

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