Audit & Fraud Investigation

« Enforcing a zero-tolerance policy »

Fraud in a company may take form as criminal deception for private gain, conflict of interest, diversion of business, theft of goods or confidential information, embezzlement, corruption, bribery, collusion, etc. Fraud might be perpetrated by external parties or by employees either with or without external collusion.

How to conduct a Fraud Investigation

Before launching an investigation, our investigators conduct interviews with our client to understand the events related to alleged fraud, analyse the preliminary information or allegations, and discuss the suspicions. Based on preliminary information, Integrity Asia designs a relevant scope of investigative work.

Our investigation involves the collection of relevant evidence by conducting the following activities:

  • Interviews and audits
  • Search for witnesses
  • Discreet approaches to employees or external parties
  • Desktop searches
  • Background checks
  • Surveillance and monitoring on suspected individuals
  • Computer forensics including recovery of deleted information

Comprehensive investigation reports including relevant evidence in the form of pictures, documentation and testimonies are provided upon completion. These reports can be used for employment termination or legal purposes.

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