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Anti-counterfeiting Hotline

Integrity Asia provides anti-counterfeiting hotline through our proprietary Canary whistleblowing hotline systems. This allows the public or a selected body of professional to report issues of counterfeiting, piracy, product tampering, copycats and product diversion.

Counterfeit Investigations

Our investigators conduct investigations to understand the supply chain and to identify wholesalers, importers and manufacturers. These investigations are conducted through desktop searches, background checks, intelligence gathering, discreet approaches and surveillance. These inquiries can be also conducted to understand the source or parallel import or parallel export products.


Based on our client’s requirements, Integrity Asia reports the cases to the relevant law enforcement authorities: police, food & drug administration, customs or other authorities depending on the case. Integrity Asia conducts pre-enforcement and post-enforcement follow-up.


Integrity Asia conducts product knowledge and counterfeit awareness training sessions with law enforcement agencies.

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