Market Survey and Inspection

Market Survey and Inspections

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Integrity Asia provides market surveys, product sampling, and market inspections to find out how many counterfeit, damaged, smuggled or imported products are found in the online or real market.

The market survey service aims to obtain information on the use of a brand name and information on the circulation of a type of product in various layers and types of Asian markets, both online and offline.

This activity is carried out as a form of research and analysis of the existence of a brand (registered or unregistered), the growth or circulation of a type of product, testing for suspected counterfeit/smuggled products, and proving various other types of violations. Inspections can be conducted both covertly and overtly, by going directly to sales locations, taking product samples, and also discussions with relevant parties.

Our investigators conduct monitoring and collect evidence using appropriate chain of custody for evidentiary purposes. In addition to using confidentially purchased products for further laboratory testing, market inspections are also conducted to identify counterfeit stores, signage violations, or trademark infringement.

Investigations are conducted through a variety of methods that are customized based on the nature and needs of the case. All product samples collected can be followed up to the testing stage, such as checking and analyzing the authenticity of the products (physical observation and laboratory tests), as well as collecting evidentiary documents aimed at further law enforcement.

These investigations are conducted when there are allegations of trademark infringement and involve on-the-ground information searches, market inspections, and desktop searches to document and collect evidence of illegal use of trademarks or brands.

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