Digital Forensics In Investigating Fraud Case

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Digital Forensics In Investigating Fraud Case

As technology gets more advanced, the more vicious fraud risks become. At least, it happened to Mark Zuckerberg, ‘tech guru’ and founder of social media giant, Facebook, in 2012 when a New Yorker named Paul Ceglia sued him for violating an agreement signed in 2003.

Ceglia claimed that 50% of Facebook shares were awarded to him as the agreement stated. However, thanks to the hard work of the digital forensics team Facebook, evidence was found against Ceglia’s claim. Strong evidence was found from the excavation of digital footprints in emails between Mark and Ceglia, including an e-mail, which was forged by Ceglia.

From the case, we can learn that digital forensic investigator plays essential part in investigating fraud case. What is digital forensics? Digital forensics, also known as forensic computer, is a forensic science branch that includes identification, preservation, recovery and analysis of legal digital evidence on computers or other digital media devices. The more advanced digital technology, the more opportunities the fraudsters can use to eliminate the key evidence.

This is the point where an investigation requires digital forensics investigator to bring legal digital evidence before the court. Then, what can a digital forensic investigator do?


Tracking of deleted files

The fraudsters, of course, with all means try to remove their traces, one of the ways is by removing files from the device. Although the files were removed, the device marks the location where the files were once stored in the memory. Missing documents cannot possibly return completely, but a forensic digital investigator with the help of forensic software can identify the files’ metadata – who created it, last created and when it was last accessed. This type of data can be used as evidence.


Uncover internet search history and email

Not only it is possible to track removed files, digital forensic investigators can also unearth internet search history and sent and received emails even if they have been deleted. They can even confirm if an email is forged. With such digital forensic findings, the investigators can provide key evidence for a case.


Working in Synergy

Digital forensic can assist in another area of investigation. Sometimes digital forensic investigators work with other investigators to investigate a case. For example, forensic accounting investigators can help digital forensics investigators using specific keywords on computers or other digital media devices that serve as evidence so they can save time and effort. Alternatively, forensic accounting investigators need the help of digital forensic investigators to investigate cases of financial report theft that may be tracked via email.






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