Employee Background Check: Do not Believe Resume Without Reference Check

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For professional recruiters, the first rule in the recruitment process is reading the candidate’s CV or resume with pessimism. Resumes are not always honest. According to CareerBuilder survey data, 58% of recruitment managers say they find lies on resume applications. Therefore, background check needs to be done.

Employee background check is an important step in the recruitment process. One part of the background check is the reference check. This section aims to validate the information available on the candidate’s resumes by contacting and interviewing previous companies, schools, colleges, and other sources related to the candidate.

From the reference check, the company can get confirmation regarding the skills, knowledge and ability of the candidate as claimed on the resume.


What needs to be validated by reference check?

Recruiters can begin to validate the candidate’s previous companies and job titles, college information and diplomas. In order to extract more in-depth information, recruiters may interview references in previous companies regarding the candidate’s skills, qualifications and abilities.

If possible, avoid questions that draw out ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, but give an open-ended question in which references can explain in detail about their experiences while working with the candidate.


Involve third parties

Why? Professional third-party recruitersare able to collect information objectively, which enables companies to benchmark the candidate’s skills and personal qualities based on job description. In addition, professional recruiters’ background check experiences enable them to have an extensive network of additional references to validate information. They also have good communications skills useful in retrieving information.







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