Unilever Applies Digital Hiring, Here Are The 3 Benefits

Unilever Applies Digital Hiring, Here Are The 3 Benefits

Smart hiring by using artificial intelligence is not something that can not be realized. The leading FMCG company Unilever has been switching to the technology since 2017. Unilever, which has approximately 172,000 employees worldwide, gets 1.8 million job applications from around the world. Imagine how much time and money should be spent each time the company recruits one candidate. The company is aware that in order to survive and compete they need to continue to update with the latest technology.

What kind of smart hiring adoption by Unilever? Basically, this company utilizes artificial intelligence in helping professional recruiters select candidates. The first stage, the machine will select candidates from social media based on the profile needed for a job position. Candidates who qualify in the early stages will then undergo the assessment phase profile is packaged in the form of interactive games. Through this game, the company analyzes the cognitive abilities, emotional states and social behavior of the candidate. After passing the game stage, candidates undergo the interview stage. The candidate answers the questions given by the interviewer and is asked to record the answer in the form of a video. At this stage, the recruiter is assisted by artificial intelligence analyzing answers, facial expressions, the tone of voice and chance of success rate of the candidate in his work. Basically, Unilever digitized the recruitment process.

What are the benefits for the company?

1. The wide options

Digital media such as social media is a hub where recruiters can find thousands of candidates who are potentially the best candidates for a job position. Conventional methods take a lot of time and do not offer the size of options as big as the digital media offer.

2. Efficiency Digital hiring greatly saves time.

For example, recruiters may use data to compare candidate information to the previous hiring for the same job position. By digitizing the recruitment process, Unilever can save the recruitment process from 4 months to 2 weeks. All processes can be monitored from one place easily.

3. Analyzing personality is more practical

With the manual process, the company should summon candidates for tests and interviews to assess the personality. The company may not necessarily get a suitable candidate in a single process and fall for inaccurate judgment. Of course, this is very draining and time-consuming. However, with the digital process, the company can get personality related data from social media and online interviews. The data is processed by the machine. From the results of the analysis, the recruiters can consider whether the candidate’s personality matches the job position without the need for multiple interviews.








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