The Role of Digital Influencers in Distributing Counterfeit Products

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The Role of Digital Influencers in Distributing Counterfeit Products

We have seen various counterfeit products flooding in e-Commerce platforms. Now we see them on social media accounts which belong to famous influencers on Instagram, YouTube, blog and other social media platforms.

What is an influencer? In today’s digital era, an influencer refers to social media users whose contents give influence to online and offline behavior of tens of thousands or millions of followers. This particular bond and trust between influencers and their followers has attracted brands to use them as marketing media.

Through influencers’ storytelling on their digital platforms, brands expect that they will sound more human-like compared to the message conveyed by mere logos. Such more humane message can reach consumers who have flocked to digital platforms. In the end, brands expect to generate trust, awareness, and loyalty among their consumers.

Unfortunately, this marketing approach also undeniably has attracted the distribution of counterfeit products. For instance, in a case that happened in Indonesia at the end of 2018, a few of influencers – some of them were famous celebrities – were under police investigation for allegedly selling counterfeit products.

Imagine a consumer, without questioning the authenticity of a product, abruptly jumping into a decision of buying a set of cosmetics worn and endorsed by an influencer whom she has trusted and admired. Later, it is found that the product is fake. It exposes health risks to the consumer and causes huge damage to the authentic brand infringed on the product. Considering the massive number of followers that an influencer has and the adverse effects of the counterfeit product, brand owners should take a proactive approach in managing their reputation.

One important step that brands can take is by implementing a brand protection program which includes both preventive actions and countermeasures. In Indonesia, brand protection programs have been implemented by a number of prominent brands of alcoholic beverages, and the program is proven to be effective in combating counterfeit products.

As an experienced mitigation solution provider, Integrity has been trusted by numerous clients for more than seventeen years. We provide our clients brand protection programs which include product integrity threat detection, trademark investigations, product integrity threat investigations, and enforcement. By implementing brand protection programs, brand owners not only protect their reputation, but also protect and save their consumers. For detailed information about the program, do not hesitate to contact us via and let us be your reliable and trusted partner in managing your brand reputation.

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