Here Is Why Candidates Falsify Their Reference Letters

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Fake document service providers are unceasingly growing in number. Counterfeiting of educational certificates is already something common nowadays, and the practice has developed to include falsifying reference letters (or paklaring).

The counterfeiters are increasingly becoming bold, and they openly advertise these services on social media platforms. Below is a counterfeiter who advertises his service in a webpage that belongs to a university in Indonesia. The counterfeiter provides guarantee that his work looks very much similar to the genuine reference letter with competitive price to attract his potential customers.

Why would candidates opt for fake reference letters? Here are two major reasons:

1.They have exaggerated their last position on the resume, so the supporting documents must follow what has been written.

2.For some cases, employees often do not follow the termination procedure. Hence, some employers refuse to issue a reference letter due to non-compliance of exit procedure. However, employees need the letter to withdraw the insurance and social security funds (BPJS) as well as recommendation for prospective employers.

It is strongly advised that employers check the authenticity of their candidate’s reference letter by conducting reference check. Reference check is a tool that can substantiate a candidate’s information and provide additional information about their skills, work performances, and behaviors.

As a reference check takes much resource, energy, and time, it potentially slows down the company’s productivity if done incorrectly. In addition, employers should put a great deal of faith in the result. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the employers hire a third party to conduct reference checks.

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