Effectiveness of Website-Based Whistleblowing System

whsitleblowing system

Effectiveness of Website-Based Whistleblowing System

whsitleblowing systemFor many years, telephone-based whistleblowing was considered to be the most popular complaint channel. In recent years, many companies have shifted to website-based whistleblowing. According to Report to The Nation 2020, the use of website-based whistleblowing has fairly increased in just over two years by 11%, from 23% to 32%.

acfeinsights.com conducted a survey during the Anti-Corruption Conference in 2016 to compliance professionals about their preferences regarding whistleblowing channels. They found that nearly 80% of respondents received the majority of their complaint reports through website-based whistleblowing services. Then, more than three-quarters of compliance professionals said they would rather receive a report through a website service, while only one in 10 chose to receive it over the telephone.

Companies began to use website-based whistleblowing systems because they offer anonymity and a higher level of security. These two factors are the main things that whistleblowers mostly consider before reporting the case to the complaint channel. Moreover, an increasingly optimized web platform for smartphones has enabled whistleblowers to easily record and report evidence of violations. 

With the presence of an online reporting flow, the information is received more efficiently, and the case handling becomes more effective. The use of website-based whistleblowing is more effective because the company would be able to explore and combine information from various reports and sources to find patterns of fraud. Additionally, website-based whistleblowing systems allow for safer information handling, and allow for the anonymity of dialogue between companies or reporters and service providers.

Integrity Indonesia, with more than fifteen years of experience in the field of compliance, has been trusted by clients to be a whistleblowing system provider, Canary Whistleblowing System. Canary WBS provides a secure and dedicated website platform with a choice of anonymity for you. Canary WBS is equipped with case management features that provides you with notifications, analysis and reporting management that can be easily accessed. For more detailed information regarding Canary services, contact us today!




Written by: Aqilla

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