Background screening on Quack Doctors

background screening

Background screening on Quack Doctors

background screeningQuack doctors are medical impostors who pretend to professionally or publicly possess the skill, knowledge or qualifications of being a medical practitioner.

This dangerous illegal practice of quack doctors can happen everywhere. One example is a woman in France posing as a doctor and claiming to be able to test Covid at home for 70 Euros per test, according to France Bleu Paris. It was when the virus just penetrated France and the knowledge of PCR test was not widespread like at present. One of her victims came forward after testing positive by a lab two weeks later. Turned out the false test was because she used medical equipment for diabetes. For several months, this woman ripped off at least six people in Hauts-de-Seine through her multiple emergency doctor profiles on social networks and persuasion ability.

Quite a lot of quack doctors have claimed medical knowledge without the actual qualifications, training and registration from the appropriate council or authority. How do you check their license and credentials?

In Malaysia, all medical references are checked through the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) or Malaysian Dental Council (MDC).

Health Director Noor Hisham, Ministry of Health (MOH), shared several categories of fake doctors.

  • They are not registered under the MMC or MDC.
  • Some practise and work in health facilities without a license.
  • Unaccredited use of the term “doctor, Dr.”
  • Some have abused this privilege by using it to get the clients’ trust and sell products for personal gain.

These unscrupulous people have no thought for others, as well as the negative repercussions to unsuspecting individuals. Many lives have been lost due to these irresponsible and reckless behaviors. Strict measures without compromise must be taken to ensure the authentication of a doctor’s license and his/her practice(s).

Hence, background screening is vital to ensure that all medical practitioners are allowed and qualified to practice in their respective fields. Crucial information has to be given to employers before hiring. This will ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.


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