The Importance of Curating Your Whistleblowing Reports


The Importance of Curating Your Whistleblowing Reports

whsitleblowingMany organizations have already set up whistleblowing hotlines to receive reports on any possible violations of existing regulations. However, most of them have yet to optimize the existing whistleblowing system. Some companies even developed a dedicated whistleblowing system only as a way to align with the regulation or meet their obligations. Thus, it is not uncommon to find whistleblowing hotlines, which are not optimally managed. In the end, the whistleblowing operators find it hard to identify reports that are related to the whistleblowing and reports that should be sent elsewhere.

Organizations need to realize that a whistleblowing system is not just a medium for reporting but a tool to help an organization implement better governance and reduce fraud. To achieve these goals, it is imperative for a company to keep its whistleblowing hotline as an exclusive channel for all stakeholders concerned about the company’s governance.

Reports that fall outside the categories

Whistleblowing hotlines can receive any report related to violations of company regulations in the work environment. These include bribery, corruption, extortion, gratuities, etc. Companies can immediately identify the reports if they relate to the above categories.

What if whistleblowing services receive reports that fall outside the whistleblowing system categories? As a third party that manages the whistleblowing channels of our clients from various industries, Integrity Indonesia often receives non-whistleblowing reports, which are mostly employees expressing their grievances or customers complaining about the company’s services/products.

Some of the cases we have dealt with include unilateral decisions by top management resulting in dissatisfaction on the part of employees, delays in providing wages/salaries, workplace facilities that are not feasible, co-workers asleep during work hours, and other complaints from customers, which are unrelated to the whistleblowing system violations.

Receiving these reports is primarily due to many aspects, such as lack of socialization and lack of understanding among the stakeholders of the function of the whistleblowing system. Constant efforts to promote whistleblowing, including providing fraud awareness training to employees, are required to overcome this problem.

Respective services for each problem

According to UNISON, the largest trade union in the UK, employees can complain to the employer if there are concerns regarding the work environment. Employees can report matters related to terms and conditions of employment. This problem can be resolved informally in advance, such as by speaking to a superior. If it cannot be resolved or if an employee is not satisfied with the result, then this concern can be raised to the HR department.

In general, grievances usually relate to issues of salary and working conditions, terms of work and workplace regulations, work conflicts between colleagues, and unfair treatment received by employees. Each company usually has its own policy to handle these complaints.

These complaints are also different from complaints or dissatisfaction from consumers, vendors, suppliers, or third parties about the poor service provided by an organization.

While promoting and enhancing effective communication about whistleblowing systems to their stakeholders, organizations are expected to have their respective services for each problem. For example, reports related to the whistleblowing categories must be reported through whistleblowing hotlines. Reports related to grievances can be accommodated in the suggestion box provided by the company, and reports of poor services can be forwarded to call center services or customer service.

With Integrity Asia’s long experience in managing the whistleblowing system of our clients from various industries, we are well-positioned in helping businesses curate reports. Our professional team has been trained to be able to classify reports and help companies run their whistleblowing system well.

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