The importance of whistleblowing to protect your trademark


The importance of whistleblowing to protect your trademark

whistleblowingWhistleblowing services that can be accessed by the public are a significant help for brand owners in protecting their trademark by identifying the presence of counterfeit goods in the market. Based on a research conducted by Statista, in 2020, clothing industries suffered a sales loss of about 26.3 billion Euro due to the circulation of counterfeit goods, followed by pharmaceutical industries with 10.2 billion Euro, cosmetics and personal care industries with 4.7 billion Euro, and other industries.

This number can be reduced if a trademark owner can identify the source of counterfeit goods and conduct further steps to eradicate them from the market. However, with both offline and online markets, it is difficult for a trademark owner to monitor every single one of them. Thus, whistleblowing is one of the most effective solutions. Through whistleblowing, the public can participate in reporting any counterfeit goods in the market.

Further Investigation on the Whistleblowing Report

While receiving a report through a whistleblowing channel can help identify the presence of counterfeit goods, it is not enough to just stop there. Further investigation needs to be conducted after a report is received.

When receiving a whistleblowing report from the public, we only receive information from one party, and there is a possibility that the whistleblower provided false or incorrect information due to the lack of knowledge about the product. Thus, it is important to conduct further checks on the report to ensure its validity. Furthermore, an in-depth investigation is needed to identify the source of counterfeit goods to really eradicate it.

Respective services for each problem

Integrity Asia, with its long extensive experience in investigating counterfeit activities, provides all-inclusive services needed to help your company protect your trademark. We offer multilingual whistleblowing services in various platforms that are ready to receive any incoming reports. We are also able to assist your company in conducting investigation of counterfeit goods circulating either offline or online to identify the source of the products. Lastly, we can assist in conducting enforcement activities with the Law Enforcement Agencies when necessary.



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